At Fit Studio we have a passion for Health and Fitness. This passion is something we live daily. We want to demonstrate that through our work for you.

Education & Motivation

Our training and coaching methods are to educate and motivate. We listen and pay attention to our client’s needs and formulate the results for health in the body and fitness in the muscles. At Fit Studio you will see and feel the results of our passion.  Fit Studio provides custom training that will meet the needs of each individual. Setting goals with a client gives us a clear direction of how to meet those needs and where to make changes as training progresses.

Functional Training

Our personal training incorporates building strength, flexibility and balance through the technique of functional training. Fit Studio personal trainers are equipped to modify exercises to each person. A client will learn that skills we do in the studio will enhance the daily training.

A Healthy Balance

Life is busy and becomes hectic when adding extracurricular activities that need training and coaching. We direct our clients to focus on health and balance of lifestyles while adding goals that demand exercise, training and coaching. This coaching and training at Fit Studio is not a weekend course, but a day-to-day practice until one meets the set goal. At Fit Studio we see this as a privilege and an opportunity to make a difference in lives, working to meet specific goals whether they are for health and/or physical activities.

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