Why Coaching & Why Triathlon

I have been around sports for the majority of my life.  My father would take me and my other siblings to high school sporting events all across northern Indiana.  In doing so, we were blessed to view sports from a production stand point.  We would be at the basketball gym during shot arounds, on the football field, while kickers were warming up, and setting up the cross country meet, many hours before runners would arrive.  So, being around the production of sports opened my eyes to coaching.  I love the energy, passion and inspiration a coach must have to develop the athlete and team.

Once I was able to play sports in High School, I choose tennis, swimming and golf as a focus.  Swimming came really easy for our family, which resulted in the best memories of my high school time.  Secondly, I was a decent runner during my middle school and elementary days.  After high school, my sporting career was over and turned to the business world.  Although, I continue to play golf, I was not super active.

On a lucky chance, Matt Rolfsen, offered free in entry into a triathlon in the area.  After practice, prepping, and racing in my first sprint triathlon, I was hooked.  I have completed in over 20 triathlon races of all distances since April 2012.

So, why triathlon?  Over the past 5 triathlon seasons, I have grown to love all 3 sports.  It is such a blast to race with some many great friends and athletes.  I find the process of training with my wife extremely enjoyable.  We push each other every day to be our best at work and fitness.  Finally, I find the community of triathlon to be helpful, encouraging, and enjoyable.

When I see athletes only focus on one sport, I am discouraged.  I feel singular focus athletes have more injuries, get burnt out sooner, and limit themselves to a select group.  With triathlon, there is training within multiple disciplines.  A masters group swim on Monday and Wednesday, a running group on Thursday morning, and a bike ride with the local bike shop on Saturdays.  Being a triathlete has opened up many friendships.

So, why coaching?  I am passionate in helping others.  I’ve been blessed to train a few athletes in 2015 and it is very rewarding to see others cross that finish line.  I believe in offering advice, guidance, encouragement, and assistants to fellow athletes.  Even new athletes inspire me because, I once was in their shoes and I gained my knowledge by asking questions to the more experienced.  The sport of triathlon is a community and I would encourage you to consider it for you next endurance adventure.

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