How A Personal Trainer Grabs The Gold

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Ever wonder what a personal trainer thinks about Grab The Gold?

Today on the blog, our friend Amanda Foalnd from FIT Studio is giving some insight on how she Grabs The Gold and most importantly, why it’s her go-to bar!

Heres a little background on Amanda. After earning a degree in exercise science, Amanda also became a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist. She is passionate about health, and helping others to overcome the stigma that the fitness realm has placed upon what we “should” be verses what we actually can be- the best version of ourselves. Amanda is also incredibly active and has completed events such as Ironman, Ironman 70.3, and every kind of distance in the sport of triathlon. She believes that education, knowledge, and nutrition are the keys in living a balanced way of life.

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We asked Amanda a few questions about her training, why she chooses Grab The Gold, and how she coaches clients of her own at FIT Studio as they strive to be the best version of themselves.

When did you first hear about GTG?

I moved to Franklin, Tennessee, three years ago and that was my first time learning about Grab The Gold. I was impressed at first bite!

What attracted you to GTG?

I was impressed with the macro-nutrients (fats/carbs/proteins). The ratio of each macro with the ingredients used showed value and a place for this bar in my or my clients snack list. Let’s be honest, it also tasted good. The chocolate added is just enough to hit everyone’s sweet tooth without over doing it.

Do you recommend GTG to your clients?

Yes! I work with all types of people and am able to recommend it to everyone for different reason. I work with endurance athletes and can tell you the macronutrient ratio is spot on for what they need for longer durations on the bike, pre-workout or even a quick snack before they get a real meal in post work out. Even if you’re not an endurance kind of athlete, Grab The Gold is great because it’s filled with whole/raw ingredients that you can pronounce and feel good about eating.

How do you personally use GTG in your everyday routine?

I like to have a GTG before a workout or just to snack on when I am in-between clients. It’s also a great “go-to” if I am craving a sweet treat but not wanting to “un-do” all my hard work I put into my training and daily nutrition.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of GTG and why do you consistently choose it over all the other bars on the market?

It’s challenging to find a bar that isn’t filled with a lot of other junk. GTG is made with wholesome ingredients, tastes awesome and doesn’t give you an insulin drop after eating it. I would feel comfortable recommending it to diabetic or athlete who needs to fuel up for a race or training. Many times you take in other bars, they are loaded with sugar and within an hour you will experience low blood sugar. GTG has sustainable ingredients that will fuel you and not spike your insulin levels.

What kind of advice would you have for those just starting their fitness/training journey?

If you’re just starting your fitness journey remember just that: it’s a journey it’s not a quick fix. I would encourage you to write short-term and long-term goals. Goals are measurable, tangible and have a time stamp. It’s okay to fail, we all do it! It’s what you do when you fail that’s important. It’s not an “all or nothing” mentality. Focus on you, your goals not comparing yourself to someone who has been on their journey for many years.

It also helps to look for someone to hold you accountable, whether that is a personal trainer or best friend. Whomever you choose, just make sure they are in your corner and willing to encourage you when you feel like giving up or when you’re not seeing the progress. Not all progress is physical; actually a lot of progress especially in the beginning is mental and building strength. Over time, if you stick to your journey you will not only see those goals but you will feel them too.

Thanks, Amanda for sharing your great insight! We are proud that you choose Grab The Gold as your bar to fuel your workouts and daily routine!

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