Physiclo – Bring – In Resistance Training

Who out there would love to get in a solid workout in half the time? I would bet to say most of you would raise your hands, or think I am about to pitch a “get fit fast” gimmick. Well fitness enthusiast, neither of those options are valid in this situation.

Let me introduce you to a product, backed by science with unique compression and built-in resistance bands.

located in the pants. Physiclo is a brand developed by a team of medical students and an Olympic athlete. This team has created pants to help you to push your body harder and achieve results in less the time.

Now let’s get something straight if you are training for a marathon, or full distance IRONMAN you still need to put in the mileage but these resistance pants are designed to benefit you in your training. As a personal trainer and endurance athlete I find them best used in my weight training, HIIT workouts, shorter runs and on the bike trainer.

I have had the privilege of using these resistance pants for over an year, and within that time Physiclo has put out a new pant. It has lighter material, but the same resistance; win!

I work and train with all types of people and would feel comfortable recommending these pants to everyone. Why you ask, great question! Adding resistance to your workouts help target additional muscles, not just the normal large muscle groups used in running or biking. Another benefit to wearing Physiclo is you will target the glutes and hip stabilizers. These muscle groups are weak in most individuals, but are necessary for efficient movement.

I could continue to rave about these pants or I could just show you how they work. Check out Fit Studio, LLC on Facebook or @fitstudiotn for Instagram and twitter to see how I incorporate Physiclo resistance pants in my workout routine.

Here is where you can purchase the pants, and if you do please let me know how you feel about them.   Click Here


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